Why Waxing?

Hair removal nowadays is one of the most important parts of a regular body care. It was known and spread even in the Ancient times because women from all over the world wanted to look attractive and feel free from undesirable body hair. And not only women. The procedure is also common for men – everyone has the right on the beauty!

At Virtud you can get such procedures as waxing and sugaring of all body parts done, including face and eyebrow shaping. Our Tampa specialists with great waxing experience can perform an epilation in the most painless way because of their great skills in this area.

The usual effect from both procedures lasts for about 3 weeks and then you will need to visit the esthetician again. During the process, the main hair trunk but not its follicle can be removed. So, the next body waxing will be easier to perform because hair becomes less strong and loses its pigment. Another plus of visiting the wax center is the end of the problem with ingrown hair, which often appears after shaving or using an electrical epilator. Also, we use only organic remedies, therefore, you won’t have any allergy reactions.

The Procedure:

The usage of hard and soft wax is the most common kind of removing undesirable hair. The main procedure of waxing for men and women consists of several steps.

First of all, the esthetician applies some melted wax mixture (about 104 degrees heated) on the skin, from where it is removed then with special strips. After, it is removed from body harshly with special strips, so you won’t feel much pain because of the speed. To get rid of pubic hair it is more useful to apply a hotter type of mixture (up to 140 degrees), especially for a brazilian wax. Due to this, bikini waxing becomes faster and more comfortable, because such temperature makes follicles open and reveal hair.

We can perform the procedure for mostly all parts of the body:

  • legs and arms
  • face
  • bikini / brazilian
  • underarms
  • back and chest (male waxing), etc.

For areas with sensitive skin (face, bikini) it is better to use hard wax. Its temperature (about 113-116 degrees) is hotter than of the soft one. Therefore, follicles open faster and wax doesn’t need to stay on the skin for long, this prevents allergies. Also, because of its high temperature, the procedure may be dangerous if you perform it on your own. So, it is better to get such areas as eyebrows, upper lip and bikini line by esthetician!

The hair should be at least ¼ inch long to get best result, so don’t shave at least 8-10 days before the waxing procedure.

To keep the smooth skin for long you can also try sugaring. It is an alternative way of hair removal for female and male clients. It is less hot and aggressive than waxing, so people who aren’t allowed to get this kind of treatment may find the usage of sugar paste more appropriate.

Preventing any risks:

Mostly, all the contraindications for waxing service and sugaring are the same. But the second one has less points because it is less harmful and hard. For example, one of the most serious problems is varicose veins near the waxed area, so the use of hot wax is taboo. But instead, you are allowed to get sugaring. It also depends on the state of veins and the hardness of the problem. It is most common for leg waxing. So, you should always tell the esthetician about the existing situation before the procedure in a wax salon. In this case, we can advise the most appropriate and individual option. Also, there are other different skin illnesses and diseases, which don’t allow you to get such kind of treatment.

The most spread are:

  • papillomas
  • bruises and hematomas
  • open wounds and cuts
  • allergy and acne

Doing leg, arm, bikini waxing and others at home may cause some problems for your skin. First of all, the procedure is always more painful if you perform it on your own. This happens because you will suffer from pain and stop epilating instinctively in the middle of the process. So, it will be a double harm for your skin cover, like passing the same track twice or more times to remove hair. The specialist can do it faster with the use of a painkilling salve and calming post wax gel. It won’t feel intolerable and definitely will be more relaxing.


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