Why Eyebrow Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique. Its objective is to correct or reconstruct an eyebrow with little hair, lasting approximately one to two years. This Microblading procedure is performed by manually depositing a pigment in the epidermis of the skin, using a special pen. This technique is the latest trend within the permanent makeup industry in the creation of hair-to-hair eyebrow design, easy-to-make, quick healing and very natural looking method. It can also be used to thicken or darken existing eyebrows with a more defined, sensual and giving an ideal frame to your eyes.

Microblading does not involve the use of electric machines, and unlike other permanent makeup treatments such as micropigmentation, it involves an individual layout for each hair of the eyebrow, looking for a more natural result than tattoos or permanent makeup techniques with machines, pencils eyebrows or powder

The disposable needles are inserted into the lower part of the Microblading pens, with which microcuts are made in the skin. These needles are three times thinner than those used by micropigmentation and tattooing, so that the result obtained from the drawing of each hair of the eyebrow is more realistic.

Microblading is contraindicated in people with diabetes, hypertension, blood-borne diseases, allergies and skin disorders. The most common complications that can result from this type of treatment are: the poor application of the pigment or its migration, which is why it is convenient to be done in the hands of a professional at Virtud Beauty & Health. At Virtud, this service is entirely carried out by the specialist Elianne Rodriguez, experienced in skincare, eyebrow design and reconstruction.

The treatment is performed in a sterile environment, with a prior disinfection of the area to be worked by the professional, using disposable tools (needles, gloves, micro-brushes). The treatment is practically painless with the use of our anesthetics. The color or tone of each benefit is chosen according to the particular preferences of each person and the criterion of the expert in microblading.

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